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Become a Professional Holistic Health Energy Medicine Practitioner




Why Become a Holistic Health Energy Practitioner?


You find yourself:

-Struggling with health issues that seem to have NO known cause or haven't improved with conventional treatments

-Living on an emotional roller-coaster

-Unable to focus or feel scattered

-Lacking purpose or direction

-Easily absorbing other people's energies


-You have an inner knowing that you were meant to make a positive difference on the planet, but you don't know where to begin

-Weekend energy courses aren't getting you the results you would like to have

-Other courses haven't give you  enough knowledge or experience to be a successful & effective practitioner

-You desire a career as a professional energy practitioner, but you need more authentic comprehensive education that will set you up for success


You Will Learn:

- The most effective & comprehensive energy modality & techniques with proven results

-The various energy systems of the body, how to energy/muscle test, clear & restore energetic imbalances

-How to work with Meridians, Chakras, Auric Field, the Flight or Fight Response energy system, Rhythms & Cycles, Electrics, Radiant Circuits, & More!

-How to detect and correct energy imbalances for physical and emotional ailments 

If any of this describes you, this is the program you’ve been searching for!

The KEY to helping others heal in an efficient and effective way, is to have THE TOOLS to assess energy AND the knowledge on how to correct the energetic imbalances.

When you join this unique Holistic Health Energy Training Program, you will learn a comprehensive  & practical approach to working with Energy. Nothing is left to the imagination!

Empower yourself with comprehensive education that will transform your life! Learn tools & techniques to re-balance and renew your energy, & restore vitality & joy.  While transforming yourself, you'll also learn how to:

-Help your family & friends

- Help others in a professional way  

- Set yourself up to create your own thriving natural health business OR

- Add the holistic dimension to your established career.

What you will get in this certification program:

Energy Anatomy

Includes a thorough study of the energy systems of the body: aura, chakras, meridians, electrics, celtic weave, triple warmer, basic grid, radiant circuits, and five rhythms.  You will learn to understand, integrate, and utilize the nine different energy systems to increase health & vitality

Emotional Healing & Releasement

Emotions play a role in discomfort and illness.  We will explore how to work with emotions and techniques used to release and move emotions for yourself and others

Techniques, Training, and Practice

Energy tools and techniques will be learned to unlock your body’s natural healing power that can be applied for self-healing and in helping others.  You will learn the techniques and be asked to practice and apply them in facilitating energy sessions.  

Energy Tools Taught

Energy/muscle testing,dowsing, use of magnets for healing, hands-on techniques for unlocking the potential of the body to heal, language to facilitate shifts in others, spiritual self-healing tools originating from the Ancient Mystery Schools

Introduction to Essential Oils, Herbs, Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to the health of the body. Herbs & Essential Oils can be used to shift unhealthy patterns in the body.  Specific ways to use essential oils within the energy practice will be taught.

Creating Your Practitioner Space/Facilitating an Energy Session/Documentation/Business of an Energy Practitioner

Professionalism, ethics, boundaries, creating your practitioner space, holding a space for client healing, insurance, documentation and setting up your business will be taught.

Practice, Practicum, & Certification

Techniques and methods will be taught via online classes two nights per month (6-9pm) and online Q&A’s two mornings per month (7:30-8:30am).  Hands-on practice will be required outside of the classes where mentoring and instruction is guided by Tonya Hofgard.  You will be required to attend two 3-day in-person, live intensives in Goodyear, Arizona, before you are certified.  Demonstration and written testing throughout the program will be required to obtain certification.


"Knowledge is power! When you understand how the energy of the body works, you will be enlightened and inspired.  It will forever change the way you think about health and healing.  This is what you will discover with us!

Energy healing is a 5,000 year-old science of mental, emotional, & physical transformation. It is the journey to the Self,  your true Self, and has the power to tap into the deep wisdom within, transform your life, & your relationships with others.

Energy Medicine and Holistic Healing is my calling and my passion. My mission is to teach others like you so that, together, we can make a huge impact and create a ripple effect across the planet."

Tonya Hofgard, BA, EEM-AP 

Holistic Health Educator

Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner



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